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Cattle Hoof Trimming Tools

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The kit is a tool for trimming hooves for cattle. Cattle hoof trimming tools are necessary for farming.

In general, the hooves of cattle are trimmed one or two times a month.

The set of cale hoof trimming tool  includes  sander, electric knife sharpener, nutcracker, hoof trimmer, etc.

Reason for Choice

  1. Calf hoof trimming tools are made of high quality materials and durable
  2. Complete tools to meet the needs of trimming hooves
  3. Reasonable price of cow hoof trimming tools, large quantity favorably

Hoof trim kit Features

  1. Reasonable and timely trimming of hooves for cattle to prevent hoof disease
  2. It has a therapeutic effect on cattle that have already suffered from hoof disease, and the use of this product can promote the recovery of hoof disease.
  3. The livestock hoof trimming tools hoof trimming kit can reduce disease and improve the quality of calf
  4. The trimming tools can protect the health of cattle

Cattle Hoof Trimming Tools include

  1. Polishing machine  1 set;
  2. Electric Knife Sharpener 1 piece;
  3. wheelhead 1 piece;
  4. Alloy grinding head 5 pieces;
  5. Sharpening stone 1 piece;
  6. linen 1 piece;
  7. alloy blade 1 piece;
  8. hoof pincers 1 piece;
  9. carpenter’s pincers 1 piece;
  10. straight knife 1 set;
  11. L knife 1 set;
  12. box  1 piece.

Repair your hooves with a cattle hoof trimming tools that can satisfy . horse hoof trimming grinder

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