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Cattle Magnets Cow Stomach Magnet

Removing iron and iron products from the stomach of cattle.

Aluminum, stainless steel

Durable and excellent quality,

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cow stomach magnet

The cattle magnets are tools for removing iron and iron products from the stomach of cattle.

Cow stomach magnet consists of a high-strength magnet consisting of an iron cage, a lever and a stainless steel lead rope.

It can safely remove iron from the stomach of cattle, including nails, iron wire and other iron products.

Cow stomach magnet can effectively control the traumatic gastritis, pericarditis and pleurisy of cattle, thereby reducing the mortality of cattle.

Instructions for use:

  1. Place the mouth gag for cattle on the cow and securely secure it in the mouth to allow the mouth to open properly.
  2. Using the handle of the iron take-up, through the opener, the magnet of the rumen iron take-up of the rope is sent to the throat of the cow
  3. Allowing the cow to swallow the magnet and swallow it into the rumen.
  4. After the magnet reaches the rumen , and the cow continues to swallow the rope.
  5. The length of the rope entering the esophagus is equivalent to the length of the cow.
  6. Fasten the end of the rope to the opener.
  7. Select the steep slope to let the cows walk up and down , combine walking and running .
  8. And make more sharp turns for 10-20 minutes . so that the magnet can move fully in the beef stomach and absorb the iron in the rumen.
  9. After the tie, let the cow take a rest, keep the head and neck, trunk and tail roots in the same straight line and slowly pull out the magnet.
  10. After pulling out the cow magnets for sale , rinse it with water and remove the metal foreign matter.
  11. If the tail of the magnet is stuck with foreign objects such as nails, it may not be taken clean and needs to be taken repeatedly.

Precautions cow stomach magnets

  1. Use a qualified rumen-specific iron remover, and do not use a self-made simple iron remover.
  2.  During the operation, when the cow is struggling and turbulent, it is necessary to calm down and not act blindly.
  3. Fasten the rope to prevent the opener and magnet from slipping off to ensure the safety of the cow.
  4. In the whole process, pay close attention to the clinical manifestations of cattle
  5. Find problems in a timely manner, and try to avoid accidents.

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Aluminum, stainless steel


Handling size 16.5*8cm, rod length 2m

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