Cattle Cow Pregnancy Test Kit

Cattle pregnancy test strips

High accuracy and rapid detection

Small in size and easy to carry


The Scope of cattle pregnancy test strips cow pregnancy test kit price in india is very low .

The kit is used for cow pregnancy test . The cow pregnancy test kit in india or else countries is very popular . The pregnancy test paper for cows is veterinary pregnancy test kit .

The cattle pregnancy test strips kit is mainly used for the diagnosis of early pregnancy and the inspection of pregnant cows. After 18 to 23 days of fertilization, the emulsion, urine, and serum were tested, and combined with the second retest, the accuracy was as high as 99%.

The cow pregnancy test strips cow urine pregnancy test is one king of animal pregnancy test equipment . Early livestock animal urine pregnancy test

Features of cow pregnancy urine test kit :

  1. The cattle pregnancy test strips are used colloidal gold immunochromatography.
  2. Cow pregnancy test kit with high accuracy and rapid detection
  3. Store at room temperature, easy to operate
  4. The cattle pregnancy test strips are small in size and easy to carry.
  5. Healthy material, harmless to the mother and the fetus
  6. Detailed instructions for use in the product to ensure scientific use

Special Instructions:

how to check cow pregnancy at home ?

  1. Cow pregnancy test kit urine ,cattle urine pregnancy test
  2. Masculine: a ribbon appears in the detection zone and in the control zone
  3. Feminine gender: only one ribbon appears in the control area
  4. Suspicious: a ribbon appears in the control area, and a shadow appears in the detection area; at this time, it needs to be combined with clinical considerations or repeated retesting every other day.
  5. Invalid: no ribbon appears in the control area, indicating that the test failed or the test strip is invalid. Please take another test strip to retest.

cattle cow pregnancy test strips kit


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