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Cattle Stomach Magnet Test Digestive System

Detecting the presence of metal in the stomach of a cow

Suitable for cattle

High sensitivity

Animal digestive system parts and functions

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This cattle stomach magnet test digestive system is mainly used for metal detection in bovine stomach.

When used, it can accurately detect whether there is metal in the body in the stomach, stomach and rumen of the cattle.


  1. High sensitivity, sound and light alarm at the same time when detecting metal, easy to use
  2. When booting up, there is a sound and light prompt, and it will enter normal working state after about two seconds of booting.
  3. Save power and work continuously for more than 40 hours.
  4. When the battery voltage is seriously insufficient, a continuous alarm sound will be automatically emitted, and the red light will be on.

Basic operation:

  1. Open the back cover and insert the battery
  2. Turn on the power switch and send a power-on prompt. The green indicator light is on.
  3. Hold the tail and sweep the cattle stomach magnet test digestive system back and forth on the object to be tested. When there is metal, the alarm sounds and the red light is on.


  1. When the probe is stationary at the metal object, the alarm sound will stop, and only the back and forth will sound the alarm.
  2. After the power is turned on, the green indicator light is dark or the buzzer sounds, indicating that the voltage is insufficient, the battery should be replaced.
  3. When deactivated, the power should be cut off in time; remove the battery when not in use for a long time.
  4. Cannot be cleaned with chemical cleaner, wipe with a damp cloth

Cattles are ruminants and often swallow food without chewing, which inevitably swallows the wire into the stomach.

Hard objects such as iron wire can cause damage to the inner wall of the cow and the kidneys, so we must always check if there is iron in the rumen of the cattle.

The cattle stomach magnet test digestive system  is such a function.ruminant digestive system parts and functions

The cattle stomach magnet test digestive system uses the principle of hardware disease to accurately detect the presence of iron wire in the rumen of cattle, thus protecting the health of cattle and increasing the survival rate.cow magnets for sale

Additional information

Applicable object:



35 *14 cm




9V (6F22)

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