Cattle Tags

Non-toxic material of ear tags, safe and durable, durable

Calf tag is excellent quality, use assured

High quality plastic material, safe to use, no harm to cattle


The cattle tags are also a cow ID card,convenient management to distinguish your cattle.

This cow ear tags are available in a variety of colors, bright colors and easy to identify.

The cow tag is lightweight, durable and cost-effective for large-scale farming.Our company sells ear tags with words, and can also make customized cow ear tags.


Features of  livestock

  1. TPU material of ear tags is resistant to freezing and heat, durable and not easily damaged.
  2. Stud earrings made of copper, not easy to loose, not corroded, never rust
  3. The ear tags’ font is bold and increase the font, more eye-catching and easy to distinguish!

The company sells a variety of ear tags (pig ear tags, sheep ear tags, cattle ear tags) and a variety of ear tag clamps, good quality, reasonable price, welcome to consult to buy.


Additional information




Solid top quality TPU plastic


cattle sheep

Packing specification:

1 earring + 1 ear tag (set / bag)

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