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Cattle Trough Plastic Livestock Feed Troughs

High-strength environmentally friendly plastic

suitable for cattle healthy eating and drinking

safe and non-toxic


Ancient technology in China

The cattle trough may first be made of wood and stone. At the beginning, burrowing holes in the middle of the wood, containing water and forage, for cattle and other livestock to drink, but later, the number of livestock increased, but also because of the durability, people began to master the technology of stone carving, Stones are gradually being used in the manufacture of cattle troughs.

Modern development

Today’s cattle troughs are rarely seen in stone, mostly because the stones are too bulky, and today’s cattle troughs use mixed cement, hollow bricks and other materials.
However, the plastic cattle trough produced by our company is better than the above two. It is a bit light, strong, refractory, and safe in materials. You can safely let your cows use it.

Plastic cattle feed troughs introduction

A cow trough livestock feeding trough is a solution for feeding your animals with grain. The cow trough is a plastic cattle feed trough.

The plastic water trough is made of special grade high-strength environmentally friendly plastic. It contains imported antioxidants and tougheners, sunscreens, anti-aging agents and other core materials. The pressure of the products is not afraid of drying and weathering. The dosage is low temperature of 40 degrees and the service life can be More than 16 years.

Our cow troughs use flame retardant polyurethane to withstand a 1000 degree flame and do not burn. A big truck is pressed down without damage

The advantages of our cattle trough

1. Cattle feed series adopts international advanced injection molding machine for one-time pressing, durable

2.Cattle feed trough is high-strength environmentally friendly plastic, safe and non-toxic, suitable for cattle healthy eating and drinking

3. Cattle feed trough cattle feeding trough added antioxidants, sunscreens. Antifreeze, etc., are not afraid of the sun, weathering resistance low temperature of minus 40 degrees

Multifunction feed trough and drinking trough, durable, economical and practical, easy to clean residual feed, non-toxic soft and strong.

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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 195 × 44 × 23 cm