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Cattle Cow Water Bowl Automatic Drinking Bowl

Thickened cast iron

Easy to install and use

Stainless steel faucet, durable and rustless


The cattle water bowl is widely used in animal husbandry to provide clean water for cattle , horses and other livestock. We have a variety of cattle water bowls for sale.

The livestock water bowl of the cow water bottle can maintain a certain amount of water with the float ball, so that the drinking water of the livestock is richer and more comfortable.

Cast iron water bowl for cattles

  1. Cow water bowls are easy to install and use
  2. Smooth polishing,prevent the drinker from scratching the pig’s mouth
  3. The livestock drinking water bowl used thickened iron and the product is in one piece.
  4. The water bowl for cattle has a fixed hole design that can be fixed directly to the wall.
  5. The water bowls for cows come with touch switch,water can flow out instantly.
  6. Automatic water bowl for cows is of stainless steel faucet, durable and rustless
  7. The automatic cow waterer is made of thickened cast iron and stainless steel drinking valve

Cattle cow automatic water bowl changes the traditional way of drinking water .

Additional information

Weight 3.8 kg



Cast iron


D 21.5CM * H 10cm


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