Chicken Drinker Cup

High quality plastic ring

With an automatic chicken drinking system

Reduce the incidence of disease

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Chicken drinker cup is suitable for chicken farms, which can effectively save water, labor saving, high efficiency.

The drinking cup can be used by both chickens and hens. It is an essential drinking utensil for chicken coops in large-scale farming.

The chicken drinker cup is a plastic automatic drinking water hanging cup, which is clean and easy to use, saves water.

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  1.  360 degree water outlet, no water leakage.
  2.  High quality plastic ring, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, long-term use;
  3. This drinking system can be mounted directly on a 25 cm PVC pipe (dig a hole with a diameter of 0.95 cm – 1 cm so that water can flow out of the hole)
  4. Use a small opening force to trigger large amounts of water, so it can be used for chickens and adult chickens.
  5. The pressure ranges from a few centimeters to a few meters and has a very good seal, and there is almost no change in the opening force during this process.
  6. Save water and medicine with an automatic chicken drinking system to maintain a dry environment and reduce the incidence of disease.

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