Chicken Drinker Cup

ABS engineering plastics

Easy to clean and save on bonding costs

Removable, easy to install, recyclable

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The chicken drinker cups poultry water cups have a long life and is durable. All parts are made of highly wear-resistant ABS engineering materials.

Using chicken poultry nipple drinker is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to set up a water drinking system for your chickens!

Takes only minutes to connect to a plastic barrel, bucket or pvc water line. You will need plumbers tape to seal the threads, a drill, a 3/8″ inch drill bit. Drill the hole, wrap the threads, twist it into the hole until snug.

The chicken drinker cup is easy to install and disassemble, easy to clean and saves bonding costs.

Hanging drinking nipples can be installed to avoid dripping, no leakage, and keep the floor dry.

Chicken drinker cup chicken drinking cup is suitable for chicken farms, which can effectively save , labor saving, high efficiency.

This chicken drinking cup has many advantages worth buying.

Chicken poultry drinking cups 360 degree outlet, no leakage.

Water spills around the water fountain into dirty litter is one of the leading causes of coccidosis in chicken which can make your chicken very sick and even kill them if left untreated.

Chicken water drinkers are of high quality plastic ring, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, long-term use .

The poultry water drinking cups drinking system can be mounted directly on a 25 cm PVC pipe

Use a small opening force to trigger large amounts of , so chicken cage cups can be used for chickens and adult chicken.

The pressure ranges from a few centimeters to a few meters and has a very good seal, and there is almost no change in the opening force during this process.

Save and medicine with an automatic chicken drinker cup to maintain a dry environment and reduce the chicken incidence of disease.

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