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Chicken glasses red chicken sunglasses are special materials that are worn on the head of a chicken to block normal light from the corn. Chicken sunglasses chicken eyeglasses , so that the chicken can not normal head-up, can only squint and look down, to prevent the chickens that are raised together fight each other, licking each other, reducing mortality and improving breeding efficiency.

Wearing glasses technique

First, the wearing method of tied chicken glasses :

  1. Fix the chicken. First use a toothpick or a fine metal needle to firmly pierce and penetrate the chicken’s nostrils. sunglasses for chickens
  2. Grab the protruding part of the chicken glasses with your left hand up. Insert the insert into the right hole of the chicken glasses, then pass the right hand of the chicken nose through the chicken nostrils, and finally insert the left eye of the lens, the entire installation process is completed.Special chicken glasses clamp must be used when installing chicken sunglasses for sale.

Second, the method of wearing non-tie chicken glasses:


Q: What are the characteristics of non-bolted chicken glasses compared to other chicken glasses?
A: The non-plugged eye mask is a new product that our company has designed and selected for many years. It has improved the inadequacies of other eye masks, and has the characteristics of anti-shedding, anti-rotation, wearing zero damage, and repeated use for life.

Q: There is no embolus in the non-plugged chicken glasses. Is it easy for the chicken to get rid of after wearing it?
A: When wearing and removing the non-tie chicken glasses, you must use a special wearing tool. Adults are hard to open, let alone chicken. So don’t worry about the problem of wearing it after wearing it, please feel free to buy it.

Q:  Is it convenient to wear non-tie chicken glasses?
A:  There is a professional wearing tool for non-tie chicken glasses. The speed of wearing depends on the level of personal proficiency. It is convenient to wear after general proficiency. In addition, theoretically speaking, the speed of wearing non-tie chicken glasses is better than that. Wear with embossing speed.

Q:  Will the chickens bleed when they are worn without the bolts?
A:  When the chicken eye glasses are worn, they are fixed on the nostrils of the chicken. There is only one layer of diaphragm in the middle of the nostrils of the chicken. The chicken glasses with the bolts should pass through the nostrils of the chicken. It is inevitable that it will bleed when the operation is not good. The non-bolted chicken glasses are designed from the two sides of the clip, not through the diaphragm in the middle of the chicken nostrils, so the correct operation will not bleed, zero damage to the chicken.


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