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Chicken Nipple Drinker Automatic Poultry Waterer

Easy to install and disassemble

Excellent texture, light weight

High quality plastic material, safe to use


This Chicken Nipple Drinker is also known as the ball valve type chicken drinker automatic chicken drinker .

Poultry cup drinkers are belong to automatic drinker cup system in chicken houses .

Usually installed directly under the drinking water pipe, the hole is 8mm in diameter, the drinker and the card holder are combined, and then the PVC seat is used to fix the card holder and the drinking water pipe.  Below the schematic:

Note: This Chicken Nipple Drinker is paired with a dedicated Chicken Drinker Cup to save water and keep the house dry.

Features of automatic poultry drinker :

  1. ABS engineering material is durable, it is not easy to be damaged when drinking water, and the quality is reliable.
  2. The automatic chicken waterer cups nozzle is made of 304 food grade stainless steel, which is durable and healthy.
  3. Semi-card design, scientific and reasonable
  4. Ball valve design, 360° water, smooth water, no water leakage
  5. Automatic poultry drinkers are easy to install and disassemble


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PP&ABS & Stainless steel







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