//Chicken nipple drinker

Chicken nipple drinker

Automatic nipple drinker for chicken

Plastic and metal material

Convenient to use and save water

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The chicken nipple drinker is automatic drinking fountain.

The nipple automatic drinking fountain is the most advanced drinking utensils at present, and is widely used in large-scale chicken farms.

It has the advantages of convenient drinking, sanitation, labor saving and economy.

Water nipple drinker chicken feeder can greatly reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

The chicken nipple drinker chicken feeder is composed of a casing (drinker body), a stem spring and a rubber sealing ring.

Usually, the valve stem of the nipple drinker is in tight contact with the sealing ring under the spring force of the spring, so that the water cannot flow out.

Why use a nipple drinker?

  1. The chinken nipple drinker is made of plastic and metal, durable
  2. Drinking water is convenient and saves water
  3. Automatic nipple drinker, saving time and effort
  4. Design science, safe to use
  5. The most advanced drinker,product quality is guaranteed.

These are high quality and accurate nipples with fine quality plastic, and stainless steel raw materials.

They ensure better drinking water deliveries and last longer.Each drinker nipple measures 3.5cm on average.

The company sells various types of chicken nipple drinkers.

It is a combination of stainless steel and durable fine quality plastic material, thus guarantees accurate delivery of water to your chickens.

It is well recommended for floor and cage reared broilers, layers, and breeders.

When used on the floor, one piece of the drinker nipple is recommended for eight (8) birds.

When used in a cage, each piece of the nipple can serve two to four chickens or more, depending on your requirement, bird type, and cage specifications.

It helps you achieve a high level of hygiene on the farm .It also helps you achieve flock uniformity as birds do not have to congregate around drinking trough.

The chicken nipple drinkers should be well distributed in the poultry house.

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