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Chicken Nipple Drinker Poultry Automatic Waterer

Chicken nipple drinker

Durable plastic material

Applicable object: chicken, duck and goose

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This drinker chicken water feeder is a special chicken nipple drinker automatic water feeder for chickens made of durable plastic material.

The chicken water feeders are an automatic drinker that regulates water pressure through a pressure regulator.

Advantages of chicken water feeder automatic

  1. Chick water feeder is made of high quality plastic, durable and cost effective
  2. Automatic water feeder for chickens is automatic drinker, save water and manpower
  3. Automatic chicken water feeder can ensure healthy drinking water and prevent disease
  4. The chicken nipple drinker can be recycled for a long time, economic and environmental protection
  5. large chicken water feeder chicken feeder automatic chickens water feeder

There are several benefits to using a nipple drinker chicken automatic water feeder:

Reduce waste: Every time you feed, the chicken nipple will dispense a small amount of water. The valve does not drip and the container does not leak water.

Keep the water clean: You can use a covered bucket as a container to prevent dust, dander and bedding from flowing out of the water. It also prevents mosquito larvae from growing in the water.

Reduce the possibility of bacterial growth: bacteria prefer a warm, humid environment to grow. The chicken nipple drinker does not allow water to escape, thus eliminating the damp environment.

Water feeder is easy to use: Once you train your chicken how to use it, they are easy to use.

Additional information

Weight 0.135 kg
Dimensions 17 × 13 cm


Applicable object:

chicken, duck and goose





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