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Chicken Poultry Debeaking Machine

Rugged metal material, durable

Debeaking machine can stop bleeding quickly and no harm to chickens.

Automatic electric chicken debeaking trimming machine


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The debeaking machine chicken debeaker is a fully automatic machine for removing the upper and lower jaws of chickens.

It chicken debeaking equipment is easy to use and operation.

In large-scale farms, chicken poultry debeaking machine is indispensable machine.

This fully automatic chicken debeaking machine is the most popular chicken cutting beak machine in modern times.

The chicken debeaking machine is made of high-quality materials, the heating sheet is made of rare metal .

And the conductive cloth is made of three-layer mosaic technology, which is more durable.

The chicken debeaking machine can be fully ventilated and ventilated to make the machine run in an excellent state.

Instructions of poultry debeaker

  1.  After the cutting beaks machine is powered on. Turn the voltage adjustment switch and observe the upper blade at the same time. Generally, the temperature of the knife is adjusted to reddish to orange, which should be determined according to the size of the chicken.
  2. Immediately after the blade of the debeaking machine turns red, start the debeak machine motor and fan switch.
  3. According to the size of the chicken, select the aperture of the micro-motion knife.
  4. Then press the left foot of the chicken, the thumb of the right hand to press the back of the chicken, and the index finger according to the throat.
  5. Put the chicken beak into the knife hole of the elatric debeaking machine, and after stopping the knife, stop 2-3 seconds to stop bleeding.
  6. If the blade is found to be hot and not red, first check whether the blade fixing screw on the trimming beak machine is tightened, and then check the blade scale. If the scale is too thick, remove the moving blade and use a fine cloth to remove the scale.

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Additional information



Temperature of movable knife


Red-heat time of movable knife

<30 seconds

Rate of beak

750-900 pcs/h




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