Poultry Vaccination Syringes

Good quality and quality guaranteed

Made of stainless steel for durability

Accurate measurement and more economical drugs


The poultry vaccination syringes are suitable for poultry vaccination

This syringe is made of high-quality materials and is non-corrosive. All parts can be autoclaved and comfortable to use.

Chicken vaccine syringes are simple and accurate to operate, increasing the efficiency of vaccine inoculation.

This kind poultry vaccines syringe is specially used for minor dose vaccines needed by livestock farms poultry.

Thousands of chicken or birds can be injected vaccines very quickly with vaccination syringe.

The chicken vaccines syringe is best for reducing waste for vaccines.

Product Usage:

First, put the diluted vaccine into the container, install the handle and inoculate the injection needle, and puncture the inoculation needle into the chicken wing membrane.

The diluted vaccine flows out from the pores of the inoculation needle under the action of inertia and gravity, and the chicken wings .

The membrane is contacted to complete the inoculation.

After use, open the front cap and wash it with water.

High temperature disinfection with 120 degrees of water before next use


Poultry vaccination syringes  are of good quality and quality guaranteed

All accessories can withstand 120 degrees high temperature sterilization

Complete product accessories, easy to use

The syringe has a large capacity and can inoculate 1000 chickens at a time.

Accurate measurement and more economical drugs.

Chicken vaccines syringe is made of stainless steel for durability.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg

Chicken vaccines syringe




Plastic, stainless steel


Chicken vaccinator


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