Chicken Waterer

Lightweight and convenient, large capacity.

Removable, easy to clean

Non-toxic material, safe and durable

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Chicken Waterer,also known as the chicken drinking bucket, is a sturdy plastic feeder suitable for small and medium-sized chickens.

The chicken drinker is easy to disassemble and keeps the water clean.

Automatic drinking water systems are common in scale farming, but for farm farming and small-scale farming, it is not necessary to establish an automatic drinking water system. This chicken drinking bucket is a very good choice at this time. This drinking bucket is not only simple to use, safe and hygienic, but also durable and economical.


  1. Chicken Waterer’s smooth edges prevent damage to chicken;
  2. Part pan and bucket of the drinking bucket cup,easy to dismantle and to clearn;
  3. The chicken drinker is very lightweight and convenient and large capacity.
  4. This chicken drinking bucket is of excellent quality and reasonable price.
  5. The poultry bucket has different specifications to meet the drinking water needs of chickens.


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Environmental plastic




Poultry Farm

Suitable for:

Chicken, duck, goose, rabbit, pigeon

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