1. Complete accessories, equipped with two needles, conduits, rubber stoppers and other accessories
  2. Easy to use, liquid medicine absorbs smoothly
  3. The structure design of continuous syringe is precise and clear, easy to use
  4. Meet quality standards, use safety
  5. Simple and convenient operation, no air leaks
  6. High cost performance, high quality, reasonable price, safe parts
  7. Professional brand, professional veterinary equipment factory production
  8. Metal pipe head, anti-bite, durable


  1. Scale dose medicine, accurate and safe
  2. Polymer material, durable
  3. Unique design of the gun head, dual use of irrigation and injection
  4. Equipped with a large needle, a small needle, free to choose the right needle
  5. Different capacities to meet different needs
  6. Easy to operate,convenient