Continuous Syringe with Bottle

Vaccine syringe scale accurate

High-quality stainless steel materials

Excellent design of continuous syringes


This syringe automatic syringe for cattle is a 5 ml continuous syringe. This animal injection syringe is a new type of syringe. It is equipped with a medicine bottle. It is easy to use and flexible to operate. It is widely used in poultry and animal husbandry and epidemic prevention and injection treatment.

The animal injection syringe has five major characteristics.


Continuous syringe design is unique, in line with the principle of ergonomics, excellent quality, reasonable price, authentic guarantee.

Complete accessories

Syringe with vial and other accessories for extended life cycle

High-quality materials

The vaccine syringe automatic injection syringe is made of high quality materials, oil and corrosion resistant

Accurate scale

The vaccine continuous syringe has excellent built-in accessories, the injection vaccine is more precise, and the liquid medicine is saved.

Well designed

Optimize the feel of the design, the injection is lighter

Vaccine continuous syringes have  irreplaceable advantages over traditional syringes.

Vaccine continuous syringe can automatically add liquid medicine, saving time and effort

Syringe can increase the speed of injection

Continuous syringes are commonly used injectable vaccine veterinary equipment in farms.

The syringe made of stainless steel is easy to operate, safe and hygienic.

This syringe can be used in three ways.

  1. Use the bottle with your own (100ml) for direct use.
  2. Insert the small vaccine bottle directly into the white bottle opening.
  3. Attach the syringe to the hose and insert the syringe into the liquid bottle to be injected for injection.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Continuous Syringe with Bottle


stainless steel






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