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Cow Magnet Cattle Stomach Magnets

Increase the appetite of the cow

Prevent cattle from being traumatic echinococcosis

Increase the production of dairy cows

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The cow magnet is a ferrous substance used in the stomach of a cow.


How do cow magnets work ? how to put a magnet in a cow ?

The beef rumen magnet is a rod-shaped magnet having a rounded end.

These cow stomach magnets are popular with dairy farmers and veterinarians and help prevent cattle hardware diseases.

When grazing, cows graze, dirt, nails, staple foods and some fishing nets (iron skin).

Tramp iron is hidden in the reticulated honeycomb wall, threatening vital organs around it and causing irritation and inflammation, called a hardware disease.

Cows lose their appetite and reduce milk production. Bovine magnets help prevent this disease by attracting stray metal in rumen and reticular folds and cracks.

A ruminal magnet can save the life of a cow!Using calf cattle magnet can keep our cows healthy and organic.

Advantages of cattle magnets

Scientific experiments prove that cow magnets are also one of the most popular magnets.

  1. Calf magnet can effectively prevent cattle from being traumatic echinococcosis
  2. Cattle magnets can adsorb iron material to avoid penetrating the stomach wall of the cow
  3. The magnet can increase the appetite of the cow;
  4. Enhance the immunity of cattle;
  5. Rumen magnets can increase the fat of beef cattle livestock;
  6. Increase the production of dairy cows.

cow stomach magnets


cow stomach magnet

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