Cow Nose Ring

Carbon steel, stainless steel material





Calf cow nose ring is calf weaning device calf weaning tool .

When the cow grows to a certain height, the cow will drive it away.

At this time, in order to facilitate management, the calf needs to wear a nose ring.

In large-scale pastures, many livestock owners wear cow nose ring for cattle.

How to wear the cow nose ring?

  1. First prepare a three or four inch nail, or fine steel bar, probably the thickness of the chopsticks . The one used for the bull’s nostrils, and one more wire,one person holding the cow’s neck and lifting the cow .There is no power to resist, you can’t let the cow bow down or you can’t hold it . Then you touch the cow’s nose with your hand.
  2. There is a thin place (cartilage) in the middle of the two nostrils, wear cattle nose ring with a nail . Then pass the prepared beef nose ring. Calculate the length and use the Cow Nose Pliers to knot it.


  1. After wearing the weaning ring for calves nose ring, let the cows rest for 1 to 2 days.  Then often pull the cows to the place where there is grass, let the bull know.
  2. The benefits of wearing a nose ring are grass eating, and gradually let the cattle do some small farm work, training and docile.
  3. Wearing the cow nose ring and then the cattle is only one year old and usually takes 10 months to 12 months.

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Carbon steel, stainless steel

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