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Cow Teat Milking Needle

Stainless steel needle

Nickel -plated brass base

Good quality and durability

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Cow teat milking needle is made of high quality metal and is durable.

The teat milking needle is suitable for filling the cow’s breast.

Cow teat milking needle has a reasonable structure and can be reused to reduce farming costs.

Cow teat milking needle metal syringe needle is easy to use and easy to operate

Cow teat milking needle cow needle is an excellent medical tool for dairy farms.

The needle tube is manufactured by stainless steel.

The needle seat is manufactured by Nickel -plated brass.

The cow needle includes a mixed model manual assembly line.

The two needles are 8.5cm long and the other is 10.2cm long.

Product advantages

Metal syringe needle is made of high quality metal material, reusable

Designed with a medicine outlet to facilitate drug dispersion

Universal interface for easier use

Two needles of different lengths are available


With any syringe, clean the syringe and put it into the liquid, and insert it into the breast along the milk tube.

Note:Plastic steel needle tube, disposable syringe can be connected to the milking needle.

The company offers a variety of syringes, including plastic steel syringes, automatic continuous syringes and disposable nylon syringes. For details, please call or online.

Additional information


Dairy cattle


Stainless steel needle, Nickel -plated brass base




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