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Dehorning Cattle Tools for sale

Dehorning cattle tools

Fast heating and long service life

Copper heating rod, ceramic inner, stainless steel cover


Dehorning cattle tools electric dehorner for cattle

Dehorning the horns can prevent cows from being injured by fighting, especially if the cow’s breasts are not damaged by other cows .

The cattle that dehorn the horns are quiet and easy to manage. After removing the horns, the area of the cow bed and the shed is small.

Especially for cattle raised in groups , it is more important to dehorn the horns. Removal of horns must be carried out at the age of the cows, usually within one week of the cow’s birth, and no more than two months at the latest. Because the cows are removed at a young age, the cows are easy to control, have less bleeding, are less painful, and are less susceptible to bacterial infections.

Features of cattle dehorner

1. Electric dehorner for cattle gun type handle, easy to grip
Hotspot gathered in front-end ,heat dissipation effect of back-end is good, not hot

2. Dehorning cattle tools for sale quick heating, long service life
Copper head good thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance

3. copper head of calf dehorning tools accord with the horn shape
Brand on Ox horn 15 to 20 seconds

4.Ceramic heat insulation, heat accumulation
Light, strong and durable

Dehorning cattle tools for sale is simple and convenient to use and has no harm to cattle.


Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg

Cattle, cow, sheep


Copper heating rod, ceramic inner, stainless steel cover






220V, 500W

Wire length



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