Drinking Bowl for Sheep

Cow and sheep drinking fountain

Copper valve and plastic valve

Easy to install and use


The drinking water bowl plays an important role in the farm. It is one of the most important water supply equipment and can supplement the animal’s drinking water.

We have two products: one is a plastic valve drinking bowl, and the other is a copper valve drinking bowl. The drinking bowl for sheep to be introduced now is a copper valve sheep drinking bowl.

The product can be applied to different animals such as cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, bulls, etc.

This type of drinking bowl needs to be fixed on the pillars, and the animal can hold the water by pressing the pressure plate on the nose.

The animal drinking device includes a bowl, an adjustable spring, a brass cover and a fixture.


Rugged and quality guaranteed.

Tap the switch to save water.

Easy to install and operate

Wide range of applications, cattle and sheep can be used

Excellent quality and reasonable price

Every product is durable

Additional information


Sheep, goats,cattle,cow


18.5 *20*15 cm


ABS bowl & copper valve

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