Ear Notching Pliers

Veterinary ear notching pliers

Stainless steel material

U shape and V shape notcher pliers

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Veterinary ear notching pliers, animal tattoo pliers and ear tags are all identity products. In the daily management of pig farms, tags are a common management method.

For example, use a tattoo pliers to number the piglets, and use an ear tag pliers to mark the ear tag to identify the pigs , which is convenient for the pig farm staff to indentify.

Under what circumstances will the ear notching pliers be used?

Special pigs will need to be marked in large-scale pig farms for easy observation and management. Pigs that generally require long-term marking will be marked with a ear notching pliers. For example, if a pig is vaccinated, or if your pig is sick, you need to observe management. At this time, use the ear notching tool .

Marking animals with ear notching pliers can not only be stored for a long time, but also relatively intuitive. The ear notch pliers are a good helper for pig farm management. When choosing a pig ear notching tool, you must pay attention to the choice of sharp mouth, and pay attention to avoid blood vessels when marking the ear.

The ear notching tool is available in four sizes: China V-clamps, China U-pliers, fine U-clamps and fine V-clamps.

The pig ear notching pliers are made of stainless steel and are not rusted and durable.

The stainless steel tattooing and ear notching pliers is processed by stainless steel technology, and the gap is treated finely, the use is simple, the cost is low, and the carrying is convenient.

Note:After use, please clean it, and disinfect it with alcohol or diluted iodine. It can also be cleaned and placed in a high-temperature disinfection cabinet and sterilized in an ultraviolet disinfection cabinet. Please store it in a dry place when storing.


  1. Ear notching pliers is made of stainless steel material, durable
  2. Non-slip handle for comfortable use
  3. Sharp mouth of the ear notching pliers
  4. Low cost and easy to carry
  5. Neat gap
  6. It is easy to use, save time and effort
  7. A variety of specifications to choose from

In addition, the company also sells ear pliers, ear hole pliers, ear tag pliers, welcome to consult and order.

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