Usage: Ear hole pliers are used to punch holes in the ears of animals and are used as markers.

Use this ear hole pliers to make a round hole of about 9 mm in diameter for livestock.

This ear punch is made of aluminum alloy and is durable and rust-free.

The veterinary metal ear punch is easy to use, save manpower and have high efficiency.

The turbine-type handle of the veterinary ear punch ear hole pliers is designed according to the palm of the human body, which is non-slip and comfortable to use.

In large-scale pig farms, sometimes pigs can be labeled with ear tattoo pliers or ear notching pliers .


The pig ear hole pliers is a tool for marking animals.

Aluminum alloy ear punch for pig is durable and does not rust

Pliers are easy to operate, saving time and effort

Comfortable according to the design of the human palm

Stainless steel spring, good resilience and durability

Fast punching speed and high efficiency

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