//Ear Tag Applicator Pins

Ear Tag Applicator Pins

Metal material, durable

Use with ear clips

Multiple types to choose from

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The ear tag applicator pins are available in a variety of colors and types.

This ear tag applicator pins needs to be used with ear tag pliers.

Ear tag applicator needles are consumables, it is recommended to buy more.

Ear marking method:

Disinfect before use, put the male standard with the nail on the needle of the ear floating clamp, and put the parent standard into the card slot of the ear label clamp.

Before the ear is checked, the tip of the public standard is just aligned with the hole of the parent, and then the animal’s ear can be used.

After the fight is done, the pliers will come back.



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Ear tag applicator pins




Sheep, cow.chick and others animal


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