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Ear Tag Marker Pen for Marking Indentification Card

Non-toxic ,environmental protection

Plastic and fiber polymer materials

Waterproof and clear and long-lasting


Ear tag marker pen is used to make a mark on the ear tag. It is widely used in the livestock husbandry.

This ear tag mark pen is made of plastic and fiber polymer materials.

When the ear tag marker is not in use, please cover the cap to prevent damage to the nib and ink evaporation, so as to avoid long-term exposure to the air to reduce the life of the ear marker.


  1. Ear tag marker pen is of high quality and competitive price
  2. Do not fade, handwriting is clear
  3. Vacuum thermoform packing
  4. Pump tip until ink flows
  5. 4-5 minuters dry and can not moveable, less smell
  6. Marker writing is smooth and clear, safe and non-toxic


The pen has a long refill, a sufficient amount of ink, and is durable

The pen refill is soft and easy to write

Ear tag marker pen ink is waterproof and clear and long-lasting

Black ink has a sunscreen function and can be used in any environment.

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