Electric Heating Pig Tail Cutter

hog electric heating tail cutter

Stainless steel and plastic material

Safety and leakage prevention


Cutting the tail is mainly to prevent the animals in the group from biting their tails. The large pig farms usually cut the tails of pigs. The tailing time is usually during the weaning period and before the column.Electric heating pig tail cutter is a tool for cutting piglets’ tails.

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Safety and leakage prevention,bloodless.

pig tail cutter Stainless steel, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, durable

Electric heating pig tail cutter is equipped with a switch, which is safer and easier to use.

Stainless steel blade, no rust, prolonged service life

Tail cutter for piglet is user-friendly design, easy to hold

Built-in stainless steel spring, shrink freely

High quality electric heating wire for increased use time

Pig tail cutter comes with 3 meters long wire for easy remote operation

Why cut the piglet’s tail?

  1. After the piglet is cut off the tail, it can increase the survival rate of the litter. Because a suckling sow may inadvertently squeeze the pig’s tail, the piglet will not be able to move and will not be able to break free, which will lead to death. The electric tail clip is a good tool for piglets to cut their tails.
  2. Every day, the pig’s swinging tail consumes 15% of the energy of the daily metabolism, which inadvertently causes waste of feed. Cutting the tail for piglets saves feed and increases fat accumulation in pigs.
  3. Improve the quality of the ketone body. The intercostal fat of piglets that have been cut off will increase, the muscle fibers become thinner, and the slaughter rate increases.
  4. Reducing the biting disease. Biting tail disease is a kind of bad hobby in pigs. The reason is very complicated. Cutting piglet tail is effective to control the disease.
  5. According to statistics, biting tail disease can generally reach 20%-30% in the same group. Due to the occurrence of the disease, the diet of pigs is reduced.Cutting tails is resistant to disease and is highly susceptible to necrotic bacteria, staphylococcus, streptococci, etc., greatly reducing the performance of pigs.


The electric heating pig tail cutter should be fully preheated before use. The temperature of the cutter is high, the speed of cutting the tail can be fast, and the stress of the pig is reduced.

Master the scale when cutting the tail, can not be a large area of resection, or lead to excessive blood loss.

When the tail is cut, it must be stable and accurate. It is forbidden to shake left and right, and the incision should be neat.

After cutting the tail ,disinfect the wound with 2 – 5% iodine. If the bleeding is serious, use potassium permanganate powder to stop bleeding or bandage

The pig should be tied firmly when cutting the tail (but also pay attention to), to avoid the piglets break free from pain, but also prevent the electric heating pig tail from scalding to other parts of the pig or staff

Hogs with cutting tail stress should be separated and raised to increase nutrition, pay attention to observe changes.

Feed some foods that enhance the immunity of piglets before and after cutting tail, and prevent excessive stress.

After the electric heating pig tail is disinfected and continue to use

Do not use electric heating pig tail cutter to cut the teeth

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Plastic, rubber, stainless steel


220V 150W

Wire length



piglet hog


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