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Electric Sheep Goat Shears Wool Shearing Machine

Stainless steel blade

Design science, comfortable to use

Electric sheep goat cattle shearing clippers

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Electric sheep goat shear is a power tool used to trim wool for sheep, cashmere goats or fur-intensive animals. The electric sheep shear has a motor inside, and the rotation of the motor adjusts the speed through the gearbox.

The rotation of the gearbox output is converted into a left and right swing by a special conversion mechanism, and then transmitted to the upper jaw blade of the electric sheep shear.

The electric sheep shearing upper blade is combined with the fixed comb teeth (also known as the lower tooth blade) to perform shearing motion, thereby cutting the wool.

The difference between the electric sheep shear and the manual sheep wool shear is that the electric sheep shear is driven by a motor, which has large shearing force, low retention and high efficiency.

Electric sheep goat shears are a symbol of the modernization of the animal husbandry.

Features of electric sheep clippers

Electric sheep shears for sale have excellent quality, high strength and good toughness

The sheep shears sheep shearing clippers are compact and beautiful in appearance.

Electric sheep shears sheep wool cutting machine are light in weight, low in vibration and low in noise

The sheep shear has a comfortable grip, scientific structure, humanization, and flexible operation.

We can maintain the sheep shears sheep wool shearing machine , which is convenient and practical.

The sheep wool clipper is equipped with carbon brushes, lubricants and cleaning brushes.

The blade of the sheep shear electric sheep clipper can be replaced and durable.

The electric sheep clippers blades are made of high-quality steel, with sharp cutting, fast shearing and long service life.

The electric sheep shear has a ventilation filter designed to prevent the entry of foreign matter.

Shearing machine electric sheep clippers for sale voltage is 110V , power 320W , adjustabe speed.It is necessary tool for livestock farm. electric sheep shears for sale

Additional information


Electric sheep goat shears

Blade material

Carbon steel


L 35 * W 8* H 6.5cm



Motor speed



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