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Electric Tail Cutter for Sheep

Stainless steel, corrosion resistant

Ergonomic design for comfortable grip

Fast heating, one second stop bleeding


Cutting the tail is mainly to prevent the animals in the group from biting their tails. The large sheep farms usually cut the tails of sheep. The tailing time is usually during the weaning period and before the column. Electric tail cutter for sheep sheep cutter is a tool for cutting sheep’s tails.

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Safety and leakage prevention,bloodless.

Stainless steel, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, durable

Electric tail cutter for sheep is equipped with a switch, which is safer and easier to use.

Sheep cutting machine with stainless steel blade, no rust, prolonged service life

Electric tail cutter for sheep is user-friendly design, easy to hold

Built-in stainless steel spring, shrink freely

High quality electric heating wire for increased use time

Comes with 3 meters long wire for easy remote operation

The benefits of cutting sheep tail

• Save the feed and improve daily gain

The energy used for sheep putting tails per day account for 15% of metabolic energy, which causes feed waste virtually.

• Reduce the biting tail disease

Biting tail is a vice for sheep , which reason is very complex, the sheep tail cutting can effectively control the disease. According to statistics, generally biting tail disease in the same group can reach 20% or 30%. The occurrence of the disease reduces the sheep’s diet and disease resistance. At the same time, sheep are vulnerable to infect necrosis bacillus, staphylococcus and streptococcus, etc, which reduces the production performance of the sheep.

• Reduce sheep mortality

Electric tail Cutter for sheep can enhance the survival rate. Lactation sheep may pin the tails end of the sheep accidentally. Sheep strive to break free, which may result in death. Some sheep devour sheep tails, which cutting sheep tail can avoid.

• Improve the carcass quality

The fatty deposits of the electric tail cutter for sheep between ribs will increase, muscle fibers become delicate, the chewing resistance rate will reduce, palatability and slaughter rate increase by 4% – 5%.

Additional information


Electric tail Cutter for sheep


16cm length




Stainless steel blade

Wire length



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