Generic Hog Catcher

Pig hog catcher snare

Stainless steel and plastic material

Good quality and excellent price

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The generic hog catcher is a universal trap designed for pigs.The handle of the catcher’s snare is made of plastic, and the wire is made of stainless steel for durability.

This generic hog catcher can be self locking and locking restraint by the sleeve, which is convenient for feeding pigs, repairing hooves, measuring height and weight.

The generic hog catcher adopts multi-strand steel wire, which is strong and durable.

The hog catcher is used for the pig’s grip and covers the upper part of the pig’s mouth. It is convenient for injection and medicine (not for large pigs). The catcher is about 1 meter long.

The snare rod is simple and reasonable structure, easy to use.

Strong steel string with PVC coating protecting animals hurting.

In addition,we also sell stainless steel pig catcher .

Features of hog catcher

Multi-strand stainless steel wire, non-toxic plastic handle, durable, healthy and safe

Reasonable structure design and easy operation

Good quality and excellent price

Use for young pigs, easy to manage

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plastic handle , steel wire




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