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Heated Floor Mat Heating Plate for piglet

Thick plastic material

Three-speed adjustable

Safe and energy saving, no noise

Electric heating wire can be replaced

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The newborn piglets have poor thermoregulatory ability.

In order to prevent the piglets from catching cold and prevent piglets from being thinned, the farms usually lay hot heating plates in the pig houses.

The use of heating plates ensures that piglets grow healthily in a warm environment.

If this electric heating plate is used with heat preservation lamp and incubator, the heating effect is better.

Products are available in a variety of sizes.

The electric heating plate is made of high quality thick plastic, and the built-in electric heating wire can be replaced. The electric heating plate has multiple gear positions, which is suitable for heating various animals and has obvious effects on preventing animal dysentery and enteritis.

How to replace the heating wire:

Remove the screw on the back of the heated floor mat heating plate, take out the damaged heating wire, and connect the new heating wire according to the original heating wire. It is better to install the screw to continue using it.


  1. Fast heating and even heat dissipation
  2. The electric heated floor mat is integrally formed, and the high pressure water gun can be cleaned.
  3. A variety of specifications can be selected
  4. Multiple gears to adjust temperature
  5. Silent, no light, safe and energy saving
  6. Non-slip design, safe and comfortable
  7. High quality thick plastic for longer life
  8. Sleek corners, avoid bumps, do not hurt pig mouth
  9. Protective steel ring on the outside of the power cord to prevent pig bites
  10. Electric heating wire can be replaced to extend service life and reduce costs

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