Hog Pig Farrowing Crate

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Pig farrowing crate is used for sows during pregnancy. It reduces the abortion rate by reasonable restriction of moving space and also makes it easy and efficient for feeding

Pig farrowing crates provide the safe and comfortable environment for the sows for childbirth and breeding.Also important is to improve the survival rate of piglets. At the same time, farrowing crate has a great influence on the lactation and energy recovery of the sows.

Pig farrowing crate is also called pig farrowing house or pig farrowing fence. A pig farrowing crate includes sow locating frame, piglet fence, piglet incubator, manure dropping floor, trough for sow and supplementary feeding trough for piglet, etc. The locating frame is used for control the free range of sow’s movement.

There’re bars between each locating frame, in order to avoid being run over of the piglet.

More than 20 cast iron bed legs are directly mounted on the composite pig slats, which are durable and do not require frequent replacement of slats.

The pig farrowing crate is equipped with an adjustable U-shaped bar to better limit sows and increase the survival rate of piglets.

The slats at the sow chute are solid plates to prevent feed waste.

Pig farrowing crates features

1.Overall thickening and bold

2.Heating and feeding is fully equipped

3.Pig farrowing crates is of reliable quality and long service life

4. Pig farrowing crates for sale is stable and durable

5.Used farrowing crates for sale with thickened galvanized steel tube, high hardness, strong bearing capacity

6. Farrowing crates for sale is special leaking dung board, safe not to hurt pig nipples

7. Multiple thickened production bed legs, thickening of herringbone legs

The product has a variety of specifications to choose from, please contact customer service for details.piglet nursery,sow trough,livestock equipment are available.

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