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Hoof Trimmer for Cattle

Cattle hoof trimmer

Aluminum alloy material

Light texture and excellent quality

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Hoof trimmer for cattle is a versatile cattle and sheep hoof repair tool.

The hoof trimmer for cattle is made of high-strength alloy aluminum with excellent texture and light weight.

Hoof trimmer for cattle is not afraid of falling, it will not break easily when used, and the cutting edge is sharp, which is a common tool for trimming the hoof.

Pruning the hooves can effectively treat hoof sickness.

Cattle hoof trimming is an important work in the production of pastures. It is an important measure to prevent the disease of cattle hooves .

With the continuous construction of large-scale pastures and the intensification of feeding methods, the amount of dairy cows is reduced.

At present, the quantity is being pursued while the quality often can’t be done very well,  so it is especially important to master the method of hoof trimming.


The hoof repair tool is made of alloy aluminum and has excellent quality.

The hoof trimmer is easy to use and easy to operate.

The hoof trimmer has a sharp cut and is durable.

Hoof trimmer tools can control dairy cow disease effectively , protect the dairy cows health.

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