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Hoof Trimming Tools Trimmers

Cattle sheep hoof trimming equipment

Wooden handles are comfortable to hold

Made of carbon steel for durability

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The tools are hoof trimming tools for cattle or horse hoof trimming tools .

The hoof trimming supplies include an L-shaped left hand machete and an L-shaped right hand machete

The trimming tools  hoof trimmers are often used in pasture farming.

The tools horse trimming tools can effectively prevent cow hoof disease and protect the health of the cow. Therefore, it is necessary to repair the hoof in time.

Hoof trimmer features:

  1. Refer to human hand design, in line with human body mechanics
  2. Wooden handles of the hoof trimming tool is comfortable to hold
  3. Horse hoof tools can hold firmly
  4. Horse hoof trimmers cow hoof trimmer are with simple structure, durable and easy to use
  5. Horse hoof trimming supplies for sale are made of carbon steel for durability


Reasonable and timely hoof trim to prevent the deformation of the hoof and increase the limbs

It has therapeutic effect on cows that have developed hoof disease. When the toes rot, the hoof erosion and the rot rot disease occur, after the repair, the hoof can be cured.

Increase milk production

Improve the life of dairy cows and reduce the elimination rate.

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Hoof trimming equipment detail picture


Additional information

Dimensions 18 × 5.5 cm
Applicable object:



Wood, carbon steel


170g / set

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