Infrared Thermometer

Fast and accurate measurement

Infrared temperature measurement

Need to use alkaline battery



The infrared thermometer is a non-contact infrared temperature measuring instrument for animals.

This veterinary thermometer adopts infrared temperature measurement, high accuracy, long measuring distance and strong anti-interference.

Using this infrared thermometer takes only one second to complete the measurement of temperature.

The measuring range of the thermometer is 32–45 °C. This product is suitable for farms, slaughterhouses, quarantine departments and animal transport departments.

The infrared thermometer has a backlit LCD display, and the data can be automatically maintained and automatically turned off. Alarm values can be set as needed.

Working principle

According to the Planck principle, this veterinary infrared untouch thermometer can accurately display the temperature difference between the body surface temperature and the actual temperature by accurately measuring the temperature of a specific part of the animal’s body surface.


  1. Infrared temperature measurement without contact with livestock
  2. Fast measurement speed, only one second to complete body temperature measurement
  3. Measurement is safe and accurate, infrared temperature measurement is harmless to animals
  4. Strong anti-interference
  5. Non-slip handle design for comfortable grip
  6. LCD display, the temperature is clearly visible


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