Kick Stop for Cows

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Stop cow kicking device

Easy to disassemble and assemble

Carbon tube and rubber material, safe and reliable


The kick stop for cows is used during milking, hoof repair and healing.

It is hung on the shoulder of the cow or the root of the hind leg to prevent the unscrupulous cow kicker from causing harm to the breeder and facilitating the work of the breeder.

Features of kick stick

  1. Anti kicking device cow has adjustable length, easy to operate, saves time and effort
  2. Carbon tube and rubber material, safe and reliable, can be used with confidence
  3. There are multiple small holes in the tube, which can be adjusted in size.
  4. Soft rubber cover at both ends, no damage to cattle
  5. Anti kicking bar is easy to disassemble and assemble
  6. Kick stop stick anti kicking device for cows pass quality certification and protection
  7. Perfect after-sales service, thoughtful service

Kick stop for cows instructions

  1. Press and hold the springs on both sides. kick stop for cows
  2. The desired length can be achieved by stretching or compressing the bent portions at both ends.
  3. After the end of use, the spring can be automatically reset.


Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg

Carbon steel


55-75 cm length



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