Lamb Bottle for sale

Designed for the lamb

High quality plastic, the bottle body is made of resin

Safe, no pollution

Antibacterial and durable


Lamb bottle lamb milk bottles

Lamb Bottles consist of a nipple, a cap, a handle, and a venting hole.

The bottle lambs display scale is 850ml.

Lamb bottle is thicker and thicker plastic material, more durable and more cost-effective.

Ergonomic design with handles for easier use.

Lamb bottle with high quality plastic, the bottle lambs body is made of resin, safe, no pollution.

Antibacterial and durable, using high quality silicone nipple, more antibacterial.


Bottle lambs for sale 850ml, accurate calibration, clearly visible

The design of the goat milk bottle handle is simple in structure and convenient to operate.

The goat milk bottle is made of high quality emulsion, antibacterial silicone nipple, durable, non-toxic and safer.

The cap is threaded for easy and convenient

Antibacterial antivirus

Bottle feeding baby lambs is thick and durable

Lamb milk bottles are with unique vent design for smoother feeding and no leakage

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