Lamb Ear Tags

High quality plastic material

Available in three colors

Not easy to break and durable

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This sheep lamb ear tag is an ear tag that is worn on the ear to identify the sheep.In large-scale farms, ear tags are essential for livestock equipment.

The sheep lamb ear tags are made of high quality plastic.

This sheep ear tag is laser engraved and has a permanent non-marking effect. The ear tag of the sheep ear is excellent in material, cold and heat resistant, and durable.

The ear tag needs to be used with the ear tag pliers.

This sheep ear is marked in orange, blue and yellow.

There are 100 ear tags in one package, and the numbers on the ear tags can be selected or customized.

Goat lamb ear tag size: 50mm*17mm

Features of the lamb ear tags

The ear tag is made of high quality plastic.

The lamb ear tag is cold and heat resistant and durable.

The lamb ear tag is available in three colors.

The sheep ear tag uses laser lettering and does not fade.

The numbers on the ear tags are freely selectable and can be customized as needed.

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