Livestock Ear Tag Pliers

Vertical ear tag pliers for livestock

Aluminum alloy material

Comfortable and simple to use

Durable and rust free


The pliers is veterinary ear tag special tool .

The ear tag applicator for livestock is mainly used to install animal ear tags.

The ear tag applicator for livestock needs to be used in conjunction with animal ear tags.

Livestock ear tag pliers work fine, easy to operate  .

The ear tag applicator is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. It is non-rusting, durable, light in texture and comfortable to use.

The ear tag applicator is easy to operate, saves time and effort.

The ear tag applicator cattle ear tag applicator features a pulsating handle that is ergonomically designed for non-slip and comfortable grip.

Advantages of livestock ear tag

Livestock ear tag pliers work fine, easy to operate

The ear tag applicator has a wide range of applications, and most ear tags can be used for installation.

Animal ear tag tool design is ergonomic, saving time and effort

The ear tag pliers are equipped with stainless steel ear pins for durability.

The ear tag mark needle presses the ear tag vertically, without offset, and the penetration aperture is small, the bleeding is less, and the pain of the animal is reduced.

The ear tag clip pliers are designed with the principle of leverage, saving effort and easy operation.

This ear tag pliers can automatically rebound, saving time and effort

Ear tag pliers with lock button, easy to carry and store

Alloy handle is not easy to break


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