Livestock Pig Cattle Paddle

Waterproof and fall resistant

Super large current

Available in a variety of sizes

Removable and easy to carry


The electric livestock paddle is an upgraded new high-powered livestock paddle.

This type of livestock paddle can be used to catch pigs, catch cattle, and catch sheep. It is the best choice for farms.

This livestock pig cattle paddle uses a copper probe for added durability and conductivity.

The handle design of the cow is unique and reasonable, and the grip is more comfortable.

The rod of the beef paddle can be bent and not easily broken.

This livestock cattle paddle is available in a variety of sizes.

The livestock pig paddles are made of high quality PVC material and the quality is guaranteed.

Product Size

Current 12000MA / 5000MA

Rod length 40cm / 60cm / 70cm

Handle length 25cm

Features of cattle paddle

Livestock paddles are equipped with double switch protection, do not harm livestock, and will not hurt people.

The pig paddle power supply has stable performance, separate charging, waterproof and fall resistance, and longer service life.

The pole of the beef paddle is flexible and can be bent at 180° without breaking.

Livestock pig paddles come with lights, making it easy to catch pigs at night.

Large capacity battery. Charging once, the use time is very long.

The probes of the livestock paddles are processed by grinding and are safe to use.

The comfortable handle is ergonomically designed, non-slip and wear resistant, and the material is strong and comfortable to hold.

This paddle is detachable and easy to carry.

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Livestock cattle paddle


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