Livestock Cattle Goat Sheep Pregnancy Test Tool

High test accuracy

Small size and easy to carry

Veterinary pregnancy test equipment


The Livestock Pregnancy Test is an instrument that can transmit and receive ultrasound. When the transmitted ultrasound enters the sow and the goat, the echo is reflected to the receiver.

The uterus of sows and goats will be filled with amniotic fluid during pregnancy, so the pregnancy test instrument determines whether the sows and goats are pregnant according to different sounds.The livestock preg tester is used for cattle pregnancy test,sheep goat pregnancy test,preg checking cows . In addition, the company also sells cattle test strips and pig urine pregnancy test.

Features of pregnancy test

Livestock pregnancy test sheep pregnancy scanning equipment is small size and easy to carry

Pregnancy tester is waterproof and dustproof

High test accuracy

Sheep scanning equipment is easy battery replacement

Sheep pregnancy scanner for sale is with user-friendly design, convenient and comfortable to hold

The livestock pregnancy test is sensitive and fast, and the product can be placed in the test position to know the result.

Practicality: Whether the two states of sound and light feedback are pregnant, suitable for noisy and dark environments

Reliable and durable products: factory direct sales, quality assurance

Technical specifications

  1. Battery: 4pcs (1.5V)
  2.  Rated power: ≤400mW
  3. Dimensions: 180×50×50mm(L×W×H)

sheep scanning equipment for sale

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Plastic shell








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