Livestock Ventilation Fans

Livestock ventilation fans

Stainless steel material

Wide range of applications


The cooling and ventilation effect of livestock ventilation fans are very good, which can effectively solve the problem of high temperature and sultry air and air pollution in 95~99% of the factory.

It poultry exhaust fan is the economical and effective summer plant cooling equipment, with 1/2 air conditioning cost, 1/8 The air-conditioning operating cost can achieve the cooling effect of the air conditioner.

This type of ventilation fan poultry exhaust fans is a cooling device that is often selected by modern farms.

The livestock ventilation fans are available in a variety of sizes and is available for purchase.


High quality:

  1. The outer frame of the ventilating fan adopts advanced numerical control automatic processing technology. It is formed in one time and has a thick galvanized layer. It has strong corrosion resistance and a drain at the bottom.
  2. The farm ventilation fan adopts aviation aluminum alloy wheel hub, which is formed by hot press casting, with light material, high strength, good toughness and no breakage.
  3. stainless steel fan blades, no deformation, no break, beautiful and durable. Through the dynamic balance experiment, the whole machine has a reasonable angle of the blade shape, which ensures very low noise while ensuring the generation of atmospheric flow.
  4. The opening method of the blinds is realized by two swing-free weight configurations without power. The shutters are flexible, windproof, dustproof and rainproof.
  5. Double-support (E-type) belt drive.
  6. imported belt, constant type, long life; free of maintenance throughout the life cycle.
  7. The ventilation fan adopts an iron collector; the rear has a safety net, which is easy to disassemble and CAD optimized design.
  8. Six strict quality inspection procedures: noise detection, vibration detection, rotational concentric performance detection, wind speed detection, air volume detection, and machine efficiency detection

Low cost

Only 1/2 of the cost of air conditioning, this animal husbandry livestock ventilation fan is a cost-effective product of similar ventilation and cooling equipment.

Low energy consumption

Low operating costs, an average ventilation power of a ventilation fan is only 0.75 degrees per hour.

Super environmental protection

No pollution, low noise and low energy consumption of poultry exhaust fans

Easy to install

The livestock ventilation fans are easy to install, simple to operate, and requires no professional maintenance.

Application areas:

Almost all places where cooling or ventilation is required, such as:

  1. Industry: garment factory, plastic factory, electronics factory, electroplating factory, circuit board factory, shoe factory, toy factory, hardware factory, machinery factory, etc.;
  2. Business: shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, entertainment venues, Internet cafes, etc.;
  3. Public: hospitals, stations, gymnasiums, auditoriums, schools, etc.;
  4. Animal husbandry: pig farms, chicken farms, rabbit farms, cattle farms, etc.;
  5. Agriculture: garden flowers, greenhouses, vegetable greenhouses, fruit greenhouses, etc.


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livestock ventilation fans




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