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Livestock Water Purifier Filter Systems Chicken Farm

Automatic drinking water system for livestock

Transparent plastic material, clean, safe and healthy

Two specifications, free choice


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Livestock water purifier filter systems is an automatic drinking water system with a filter.

The livestock water purifier filter systems are mainly used for special drinking water systems for livestock breeding such as chickens, pigeons and rabbits.

The systems are the first choice for poultry farm water filters. The quality is guaranteed and you can buy with confidence.

This product has two specifications for consumers to choose freely.

Features of the filtering systems

The product contains filter cotton to filter very small impurities and can effectively prevent disease.

Easy to install, can be cleaned after disassembly

The filter for livestock has a high density and can filter smaller impurities

Transparent plastic, clean and easy to clean

Strong thread tightness, no water leakage

Automatic drinking water system for livestock breeding such as chickens, pigeons and rabbits

Preferred  farm water filter systems

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, easy installation and operation, no need to frequently change the filter, safe and reliable, and no pollution to water quality.

Effectively reduce the health threats of unclean water caused by various livestock, reduce diseases, reduce the risk of breeding, and reduce the cost of preventive drugs.

Transparent plastic, easy to clean; polypropylene replacement, filter element for removing sand, sludge, dirt and rust particles.

Special reminder: filters should be cleaned frequently to ensure safe drinking water for livestock.

Installation:Install the filter into the filter bottle and put a baffle on the outside of the filter bottle to ensure a more stable filter installation. Cover the filter port, install the card holder, fix the filter, and finally connect the water inlet and outlet hose.



Additional information


28*13cm or 21*11.5cm


ABS or Plastic


0.72KG or 0.46KG


chicken, rabbit, piegon etc

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