Livestock Water Trough Floats Ball Valve

User-friendly design for easy cleaning

Insulated drinking trough

Suitable for cattle and sheep drinking water


The livestock water trough floats is an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly drinking water device for cattle, horses, sheep and other livestock.

Livestock water trough floats can achieve anti-freezing in winter, cool down in summer, save water and protect the environment, reduce animal diseases and increase milk production.

This water trough ball valve is a type of heat preservation type drinking fountain, antifreeze and heat preservation in winter, summer heatstroke prevention, environmental protection and water saving.

Features of water trough float

  1. Cattle water tank float valve can be 4 to 5 ° C warm water in winter
  2. Large trough valve capacity, 75 liters, can provide 25 to 50 cows of water
  3. Unique design, sturdy material, able to withstand harsh weather and livestock damage
  4. Designed with PU protection, it can withstand temperatures of -30 ° C and prevents water from freezing
  5. Rotational and Filling Process – Cover made of high-strength engineering plastic polyethylene, polyurethane foam in the middle layer
  6. Water trough with float automatic insulation, energy efficient
  7. For better results, electrically assisted heating can be installed in extremely cold weather (-30 degrees)
  8. Water inflow water trough valves can be completed in two minutes and drainage can be completed in one minute.
  9. User-friendly design for easy cleaning. Concave hands on both sides for easy cleaning of impurities in the sink, suitable for a variety of environments.

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