Long Handled Pig Catcher

Stainless steel material

Scientific design

Easy to use and durable



Long handled pig catcher in pig farming equipment can control pig activity .

In pig farms, when pigs need to be treated, diagnosed, or collected blood , farmers often use this pig catcher to achieve the purpose of standing still .

This pig catcher is made of stainless steel and the outer layer is coated with a protective layer. It is safe to use and will not harm the pig.

The design of the long handled pig catcher is scientific, rugged and easy to operate.

The stainless steel catcher consists of a lock and a handle, and one can treat, diagnose, and collect blood from the animal, saving manpower.

Features of stainless steel pig catcher

The pig swine catcher is designed to be human, improving animal resistance to the device.

The pig swine catcher consists of ropes, switches and handles. It is designed to be simple and easy to use.

The pig swine catcher has a long handle and wire that can be adjusted in length.

The handle that can be stretched is ergonomically designed for comfort. The size of the rope loop can be adjusted.

The long handled pig swine catcher features two screw-on wire ropes that are strong and safe to use.

The long handle pig swine catcher’s wire rope is a high quality thick rope with a diameter of 4mm. The surface of the wire has a protective layer that is durable.

With the design science of the pig swine catcher, one can diagnose and diagnose pigs and save manpower.

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