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M shape nail for clip pliers repairing animal cages

Use with M shape cage clamp

Galvanized material, not easy to rust, durable

Excellent quality and reasonable price


The M shape nail needs to be used with the animal cage pliers clamp.The M shape nails is made of galvanized material for durability.

The M shape nail for clip pliers repairing animal cages used to fix meshes such as herds coop or furniture.

This product is a special nail for assembling chicken cage rabbit cages. Install the nail into the clamp and use it.

Farms generally raise rabbits in cages. In order to ensure the durability of the cages, the farms often buy the steel wires  and assemble the rabbit cages using cage clamps by thenselves.

Only the use of professional cage clamps and nails can ensure the quality of the assembled rabbit cage.

The company’s sales of cage clamps and nails are well designed and designed for the assembly of cages. They are of good quality, saving manpower and high efficiency. The assembled cage interface is smooth and will not harm the rabbit.

There are 600 nails per box for sale.

In addition, the company also sells a variety of cage clamps. Each pliers is scientifically designed, ergonomic and comfortable to use, without damaging hands and small animals.

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17 * 9 mm






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