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Manual Chicken Beak Trimming Machine

Made of high quality metal material

Multiple gears for free adjustment

Portable semi-automatic chicken beak trimming machine

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chicken beak trimming machine

This product is a manual chicken beaking machine .The power of the semi-automatic manual trimmer is 150W.

Manual chicken beak trimming machine structure principle:

The heating net is made of high-temperature alloy material, the surface temperature is adjustable .

And the heating net can also be operated on both sides of the heating net, and the efficiency is doubled. The temperature of the heating screen is controlled between 300 °C and 650 °C.

Manual chicken beak trimming machine note:

Manual chicken beak trimming machine began to use the heating screen may appear smoke phenomenon, belong to the normal water vapor evaporation, to be hot screen after the red, this phenomenon disappears.

The machine if used for a long time, it may also feel the electric shock, which is caused by the illusion of overheating blade, you can turn off the power, waiting for the machine after cooling the new boot, this phenomenon disappears.


The manual chicken debeaking trimming machine has multiple gears for adjustment and easy operation.

The chicken beak trimming machine runs quickly when it is running and can work continuously.

The outer of manual chicken beak trimming machinecasing is made of high quality metal and is durable.

In addition, the company also sells fully automatic chicken debeaking machine , excellent quality and reasonable price, welcome to consult and purchase.

Additional information

Item name

Manual chicken beak trimming machine

power consumption

100-250W adjustable


300-650 ℃ adjustable




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