Manual Milking Machine

Manual milking machine

Complete accessories

Easy to operate, saves time and effort


Goat’s milk is regarded as the best in dairy products because of its nutrient-rich and easy to absorb.

It is called “the king of milk” and is recognized as the world’s milk closest to human milk.

The fat granules of goat milk are one-third of the milk, which is more conducive to human body absorption, and long-term consumption of goat milk does not cause weight gain.

Therefore, goat milk has always been loved by people.

In large-scale farms, manual milking is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also inefficient, and because the sheep’s breasts are relatively short, manual milking is extremely inconvenient. People have been numb for a long time, and they have been suffering from various arthritis for a long time.

The milking machine frees people’s hands and improves the efficiency of milking.

This manual milking machine is equipped with a silicone teat cup, a milk tube, a vacuum pump, and a thickened drop-resistant space cup.

The manual milking machine has complete accessories and is easy to use.


  1. Food grade silicone milk lining, healthy and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, soft and comfortable, has a certain massage effect on cattle and sheep, so that cattle and sheep can squeeze the milk in a comfortable state.
  2. The silicone hose of the milking machine is resistant to low temperatures, does not become hard, and is hygienic.
  3. The motor does not touch the milk, only need to clean the milk storage tank when cleaning, saving time and effort
  4. The milk storage tank is made of thick space cup material, which is durable and has a large capacity.
  5. The manual milking machine is simple to use and efficient.


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Manual milking machine


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