Manual Pig Tail Cutter

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Piglet tail cutter

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Metal clamp head, plastic handle



In scale farming, in order to prevent group pigs from biting their tails, it is necessary to cut the piglets. Manual pig tail cutter is a tool of cutting pigs’ tails.

The piglet is fattened at 7 –14 days after the birth of the piglet, and the manual tail is cut off from the root of the tail by about 2.5 cm.

Piglets grow particularly fast after cutting tail, which is 10% higher than normal pigs, and is 10 to 15 days ahead of going out fence.

The main reason is: after the piglet is cut, it can reduce the restlessness caused by the tail of the piglet, which is good for sleep; the second is that it is not easy to make the anus leak, the discharged feces and urine will not stick to the tail, and the diarrhea will not be caused by pigs swaying their tails and throwing the faeces around are beneficial to the health of the herd.

Pigs’  tails often wiggle and curl, consume energy. Under intensive or moderate-scale pig raising conditions, there is often a tail bite. The tail will also affect the sleep of the pigs. Pigs with thin manure will pollute the pigs and pig coops. It is also not good for hogs’  growth. Cutting the pig tail can avoid the adverse effects.

Piglets tail cutter material: high quality plastic handle, high quality metal clamp head

Pig tail cutter specifications: length 16cm, weight 96g, 20 pcs / box

Features of pig tail cutter

  1. low cost, high effect, high temperature quenching, firm structure, rust and durability, light weight and sharp cutting.
  2. High quality metal clamp head of manual piglet tail cutter, anti-rust, sharp cut, light and durable
  3. High quality plastic handle of the manual cutter, resistant to wear, durable, smooth and not hurting
  4. Pig tail cutter comes with stainless steel spring design, shrinking freely.
  5. The shape of the manual piglet tail pliers is beautiful.

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